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Your Local Group

Our local groups provide an invaluable part of the PSPA service and make a huge difference to those who attend.

Local Groups provide a welcoming and friendly place for people affected by PSP & CBD, including family and friends, to meet up on a regular basis to share experiences, information and just chat.

We currently have 40 local groups spread widely across the UK as well as a Youth Support Group. And more Local Groups are being established all the time! However, we are aware that not everyone can access a nearby meeting but by registering with us we can let you know if a new group starts in your area.

Covid-19 update

We know many of you find attending our Local Groups a great source of information, support and friendship. The Covid-19 pandemic has sadly put a halt on these face to face meetings for a while and it may be sometime before we see them return. In the meantime, we have been looking at ways of helping you stay connected to old and new friends in a safe and relaxed environment and are now offering virtual local group meetings using Zoom video call.

Each virtual group runs in a similar way to our existing face-to-face groups.  People will join the group and will meet others in a confidential online setting.

Some of our local groups are hosting their own meetings so please check your local group page on the website for dates and to register to take part. Alternatively, please contact Carol on 01327 356137 or email

If your local group is not holding their own meeting, PSPA will be hosting regional meetings you can join instead. If there is a regional meeting coming up in your area you will be notified via email.

Helpful instructions detailing how to use Zoom, will be sent to you once you register for an online group. You don’t need any special equipment – just a tablet, laptop or mobile phone with a camera and an internet connection!

PSPA Publications

We publish a number of information sheets and guides to help you through your journey with PSP or CBD.