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Take Part in Research

Many people affected by PSP and CBD find that research is a source of hope.

PSPA believe that research should be shaped by patients and carers and is keen to offer opportunities for people with PSP and CBD to take part in research. Whether it be at the early stages of a research by helping to design the project, or perhaps by reviewing patient information, or joining a working group, or through participating in clinical trials.

Researchers are keen to engage patients in their work and listen to the people with the conditions.  It can be very rewarding taking part in research and often offers the opportunity for patients to learn more about their conditions too. The research could lead to new diagnostic tests, treatments and/or improvements in daily living care and support.

“It was very important to George to be able to make a contribution to research that might help someone else.”

Kathryn Timmons, whose husband George lived with PSP.

By working closely together we can make a difference. If you would like to take part in research then please review the list of projects below and reach out to one of the researchers for more information.

Join our register for research here.