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Why you should ‘Ride London’!

A dear relative of mine has PSP and I’ve seen how devastating it is for him and the family…I’m determined to raise the profile of PSP and how the PSPA can have a positive impact.

“I’ve been cycling for a few years now…for fitness and wellbeing and riding with the boys and girls of Hua Hin Roadies in Thailand…I love it so much!”

Inspired by my nephew, Jack Woodward, who rode ‘Ride London’ for the PSPA in 2018, I wanted to do something positive for Jack’s dad, Roy, who has been bravely fighting PSP, alongside Mags [my sister], the supportive family and PSPA.

They say that if you motorcycle the Mae Hong Son Loop in NW Thailand you are in for a tough time…so imagine covering almost 600km, 10,000m of climbing and 4,000 bends on your road bike in 5 days!

The worst day was from Pai to Mae Hong Son…this was pretty much an uphill 120km grind all day, punctuated by scary downhills. One of our group, who has ridden at a high level with top professionals, stated it was, the hardest ride he’d ever done. I suffered a lot…

But the point was I really wanted to help PSPA. At many times during the hardest of rides, I realised that it was for my amazing brother-in-law and all the brave people and families fighting this dreadful disease. I would urge all supporters of PSPA to join the ‘Ride London’ challenge…this is a superb event and apart from us ‘aspiring amateurs’ the world’s top professional cyclists ride exactly the same course – there’s plenty of time to start training and I’m certain the sun will shine all day!!

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