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The Neurological Alliance Patient Experience Survey

This questionnaire is about your care and treatment for your neurological condition.

The purpose of the survey is to provide information which can help the Neurological Alliance monitor and improve the future quality of health services and social care for people with neurological conditions.

Taking part in this survey is voluntary. Published reports will not contain any personal details.

Who should complete the questionnaire?
The questions should be answered by you, as the person with a neurological condition. If you need help to complete the questionnaire, the answers should be given from your point of view – not the point of view of the person helping.

Completing the questionnaire
For each question please tick the box that is closest to your views. Don’t worry if you make a mistake; simply tick the correct box. For some questions, you may be instructed that you may tick more than one box. Sometimes you will find the box you have ticked hides other questions, this ensures you will miss out questions that do not apply to you.

Please do not type your name or address anywhere on the questionnaire.

If you have a diagnosis of CBD, please tick on the ‘Other neurological condition – please specify’ box, and type in ‘CBD’

Take part in the survey

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