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Margaret’s story

“Dedicating a Christmas Bauble is one way I can pay tribute to Tony and keep him a part of my Christmas”

Margaret Humble’s husband Tony died of PSP in 2014. Ever since his death Margaret has donated to our Christmas Bauble Appeal and dedicated a bauble to Tony

Margaret said:

“Tony liked to keep busy. He was a member of the Rambling Association and would walk most weekends. He was very fit but around 2009 he started to fall. Sadly it was the PSP, not that we knew it then.

“It was so tragic to see what PSP did to him  – a man so full of life. By the end he couldn’t walk, talk or eat. It was all taken away from him. During those dark times PSPA’s helpline was a tremendous support. I often called for advice. It was just so helpful to talk things over with someone who understood.

She said:

“With the help of my daughter, and carers who came in three times a day, we managed to keep Tony at home until he died in June 2014. I think when your life partner dies, part of you dies as well. It does change you.

“The first Christmas without Tony was especially hard. We had always enjoyed large family Christmas’ at our home. In the end we decided to go out for Christmas to a local restaurant. After 50 years cooking Christmas dinner going out felt very strange, but we got through it.

“The following year we went out again, but this year I’ve decided to stay at home. I shall get up, make smoked salmon and scrambled eggs and enjoy listening to my ‘boyfriends’ Jack Jones and Andy Williams on the stereo. I know Tony would appreciate that too.

“The one thing I have done every Christmas since Tony died is dedicate a bauble to him and donate to PSPAs Christmas Bauble Appeal. It is something I will continue to do, not just for Tony, but also for all those people living with PSP & CBD.

“PSPA needs all the help it can get. After watching what Tony went through I want to be able to help others. Dedicating a Christmas Bauble is one way I can do that alongside making a tribute to Tony and keeping him part of my Christmas activities – whatever I end up doing.”


Karen’s story

“We continued to live life to the full.”

Christmas Bauble Appeal 2020

“I donate to PSPA’s Bauble Appeal to remember Stuart, and keep him part of my Christmas celebrations, and to help find treatments for people diagnosed in the future.” – Pat Hanlon