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Local Group Coordinator

Our local groups provide an invaluable part of our service and make a huge difference to those who attend.


Time commitment: 4 hours a month

We are currently looking for Local Group Coordinators to set up groups in the following areas:
Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Cumbria, North Oxfordshire, North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire.

As one of our Local Group Coordinators, you will be responsible for organising regular meetings, ensuring that people are welcomed and introduced to each other.


“From my own experiences, I knew that a kind word, sharing with like-minded people and support on a regular basis would have made a real difference to me. And that is what I wanted to give to others”

Local Group Coordinator


“I really enjoy running the group. I get a lot of personal satisfaction from the feeling I am helping others and making a difference for them”

Janet, Manchester Group Coordinator

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