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Fundraising during Coronavirus

The outbreak of Coronavirus is affecting all our lives in lots of different ways.

If your fundraising plans have been postponed or cancelled, and you still want to do something to show your support to PSPA, we have developed a selection of ideas to help you stay connected with friends and family whilst fundraising online at home or during your daily exercise break.

Keep Connected!

Virtual quiz
Use Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom to hold a virtual quiz with friends and family. Set up a JustGiving page and ask your friends for a donation to take part.

A night at the movies
Use Netflix’s Party feature and host a film night for you and your friends, with everyone logging on from their sofa and donating the cost of their cinema ticket to PSPA.

Online concert
If you have musical talent, take it online and create your own virtual concert through Facebook or Instagram live. Set up a JustGiving page so that those who join your concert can donate.

Can’t play the guitar or drums, but love to sing in front of a mirror with your hairbrush? Why not take part in the PSPA #LockdownLipsync battle?

Challenge your friends and ask them to donate for your 59secs of embarrassment.   Simply set up a TikTok account, flick on the radio or ask Alexa to play your favourite tune, then set your camera to video to record you miming along to the song.  Don’t forget to share on Facebook and tag your friends to challenge them to a vocal duel. Follow and tag PSPA to share with us – we’d love to see your lipsync!

Virtual book club
Take your book club online or set up your own online book club. Donate the money that you would have spent on drinks and snacks to PSPA.

Celebrating your birthday during the lockdown? Why not set up a Facebook fundraiser for PSPA so your friends and family can donate to your favourite charity whilst sending you birthday wishes?

Keep Active!

Regular physical activity doesn’t have to be outside for you to feel the benefits to your wellbeing. Here are just some ideas for things you can do, but why not come up with some of your own?

55,000 Step Challenge
Use your one-hour exercise slot to support PSPA with our new distance challenge.

Why not step up to a marathon challenge by walking, jogging or running 26.2 miles or approximately 55,000 steps in your area during March, April, and May.

Find out more about 55,000 steps

Climb a Mountain Challenge

Which Mountain do you want to climb?  Choose the summit you have always dreamed of reaching and work out how many times you need to climb the stairs to achieve your goal.

  • Climb Everest – 8,848KM / 58,070 Steps
  • Climb Snowdon – 14.5KM / 24,785 Steps
  • Climb Ben Nevis – 17KM / 22,197 Steps

Set yourself a fundraising target and then create a fundraiser on JustGiving.  Don’t forget to share your challenge with your friends so they can sponsor you to reach that peak!

Home Workout Challenge
Set yourself an indoor workout challenge with your favourite exercise to keep fit and raise funds for PSPA! Set up a JustGiving page and ask friends and colleagues to sponsor you for however many workouts you choose to complete. Don’t forget to share your sweaty selfies and show everyone your progress!

Share your Skills

Run a class
Share your skills with others through online classes. You could do cooking, online yoga or flower arranging. Ask for a donation on your JustGiving page in exchange for sharing your skills. Or does your friend have a skill that you have always wanted to learn? Ask them to set one up for you.

Give a gift
Use your talents for a good cause! Write poems, songs, craft something, or draw portraits and sell your efforts to raise money for PSPA.

Take on  a Challenge

Do you dare?
Get your friends and family to send you dares and film yourself carrying them out! Will you shave your head, or eat a whole chilli? Only if your friends and family donate and help you reach your fundraising target!

Let it grow!
Grow your hair out and get sponsorships from your friends and colleagues, and donate the money you save on haircuts!

Fundraise with Colleagues

Get them giggling
We are living in unusual times at the moment, but that doesn’t mean the laughter has to stop.  Why not take dares from your colleagues? Will you wear a funny costume on a video call, work from your bath or serenade your team? Get them to donate for you to take up the challenge!

Donate your travel costs
Most of us are saving fuel and parking costs whilst we work from home. Why not use these savings to support a good cause by donating your fuel, train fare or parking costs to PSPA?

Other Ideas

Ziffit your clutter away
Now is a good opportunity to declutter your home and donate your unwanted items through a unique Ziffit link.  By clearing out your bookshelves and cupboards, in a few easy steps, you can turn your unwanted goods into precious pennies for PSPA.

Find out more and get your unique Ziffit link

Coronavirus swear jar
Put £1 into the jar whenever you use the word “coronavirus” or “Covid-19” and donate the collection to PSPA.

Other ways to donate to PSPA

Donate to our Emergency Coronavirus Appeal
The challenges of living with PSP & CBD don’t stop for the Cornavirus. And with your help, PSPA’s support won’t either.

Find out more and make a donation

Set up a Regular Donation 
Making a regular donation to PSPA ensures we have a steady income and gives us the confidence to continue are support and forward-plan.

Find out more and make your donation

Don’t forget the Gift Aid
As a registered charity, Gift Aid provides vital income for PSPA.

Donations from all UK tax payers are eligible for Gift Aid. By adding this to your donation, we can reclaim 25% extra on top of your support from the tax man, at no extra cost to you.

This means we can reclaim 25p for every £1 donated to us. For example, if you donate £10 and agree to Gift Aid your donation, this will bring a total contribution of £12.50 to PSPA, at no extra cost to you.

Simply download the Gift Aid declaration form below and return it to us at FREEPOST PSPA or email it to

Download a Gift Aid form

We’d love to hear from you if you try any of these ideas out.

Share them with us on social media and let our fundraising team know by emailing so we can cheer you on as well.

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