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Manchester Local Group

Please come to the Manchester Local Group meetings for families and friends living with PSP & CBD in this area.

The primary aim of the group will be to provide support, guidance, help and encouragement.

Group Info:

Supporting each other, where the experiences of group members will be vital in helping others to cope with whatever problems/issues are raised – if you can’t find the answers within the group we will find someone who can. The group is very friendly, informal, very sociable, and very relaxed where any problems can be discussed, not just those relating to PSP & CBD. Hopefully, you will see yourselves as friends all trying to support each other as you make your way along the roads that PSP & CBD have put in front of you. Don’t forget there is no reason why you cannot bring carers, family and friends – the more the merrier.

If you would like to come along to this meeting or you are a regular who can’t make it this time, feel free to email Janet

2020 Dates for your diary:

Please note, due to the Covid-19 crisis, face to face meetings are on hold for the time being.

Instead Local Group meetings have been taking place virtually via Zoom. Zoom meetings scheduled in include:

  •  5 December at 10.30am