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Pat’s story

“I donate to PSPA’s Bauble Appeal to remember Stuart, and keep him a part of my Christmas celebrations, and to help find treatments for people diagnosed in the future.”

It took four years for Stuart to be diagnosed with PSP. By the time he had received his diagnosis, he’d lost the ability to speak. Six short months later and Stuart had died.

Since his death, I’ve been donating to PSPA’s Bauble Appeal. Firstly, to remember Stuart and secondly, to help find treatments for people diagnosed in the future.

Watching what Stuart went through was heartbreaking, and I believe supporting PSPA’s work will help prevent others going through the same experience.

During his illness, Stuart did whatever he could to reduce his progression. He tried so hard with speech therapy and physiotherapy. But sadly, his symptoms progressed rapidly and he died suddenly following a fall.

I’m grateful for the joyful 47 years we spent together. Stuart loved Christmas and we always made the most of it by enjoying taking time off work with family and friends. Stuart’s cheeky sense of humour and interpretation of Christmas menus still makes us laugh today.

Sadly, though, our Christmases together are no more, but by donating to PSPA in his memory, Stuart is still part of mine.