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Annual Report 2018

This year thousands of you, our PSP & CBD community, turned your personal experience into action and raised funds for PSPA.

Our annual report, details how the money you raised was spent in 2018 and what we did to support people affected by people with PSP & CBD.

The year 2018 marked a huge shift for PSPA. It was the year we organised the largest ever international gathering of leading neurologists and
researchers for a conference on PSP & CBD. It was the year we unveiled a new brand – one focused on action and achieving more for people living
with both devastating conditions. And it was the year we launched the first ever Professionals’ Guide to CBD.

For PSPA, 2018 was the year of more. We raised £1.66 million in 2018 compared to £1.18 million in 2017. We supported more people living with
PSP & CBD, families and carers than ever before. We achieved the largest number of health and social care professionals at our annual Study Day.
And, finally, we made our largest ever investment in research.

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We would love to know what you think about our annual report and our new brand. It is very important we get your views. Please take just two minutes to answer a few simple questions. It really does help us.

PSPA Annual Report and New Brand Survey

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